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  • Erika:

    Hi there, lovely people at the Beaumont Grill! I ate at your restaurant this past June and have been dreaming about your Beaumont Gourmet Burger ever since. I wrote a poem about it and I wanted to share it with you:

    Boring is the hamburger without a fried egg

    Half-pound Angus beef patty,
    cooked medium well so only
    the slightest blush of pink is seen.

    The burger of my dreams sits
    atop a thin layer of mustard –
    stoneground with garlic aioli.

    Gruyere cheese, creamy and sweet,
    melts like a settled blanket
    on the warm Rocky Mountain beef.

    The bun – a throne – is soft
    and toasted in butter, whispering
    a tiny crunch with each bite.

    I taste the fried egg and its yolk
    springs alive as it drizzles and drips
    to meet a medley of flavors.

    A rich sprinkling of crispy leeks
    acts as a bed for the bits
    of apple-smoked pancetta.

    The chef is married to sublimity,
    carefully layering each element
    to create an experience fit for heaven.

    So yeah, your burger is phenomenal. I would fly from Michigan to Colorado to eat that burger again. I would pay $30 to eat it. And the fries? Best I ever had.

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