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Hotel Guestroom Buyouts

Can we reserve all of your guestrooms?
Yes! Reserving all of the rooms is the best way to have an event at our venue. There are 13 rooms and suites that sleep up to 30 guests. Each one is different and sleeps 2 except for the Presidential Suite, which sleeps up to 6. The amazing lobby can be like your own living room for your friends and family with a hotel buyout. There is no discount for groups and some weekends require a 2 or 3-night minimum stay. A 50% refundable deposit required to reserve guestrooms. Buyout deposits range from $1250-$1800/night. A $500 nonrefundable Hotel Buyout Fee may be required for certain dates with buyouts of less than 3 nights. Ask us about your dates.

What is involved in a hotel guestroom buyout?
When you reserve all of the guestrooms for your event guests, you have the rooms all to yourselves. Children are able to stay overnight and your event doesn't have to end at 9pm. If you do not have all of the guestrooms reserved, children cannot stay in the guestrooms, events must end by 9pm and ceremonies on the Grand Staircase must occur between 12pm and 2pm. This includes ceremonies that have moved inside from the Garden Courtyard in the case of inclement weather. A 50% deposit is required to reserve the guestrooms and that is refunded to you when your guests pay for their own rooms at checkout. You can also use your deposit to pay for any guestrooms you would like to cover.

Your hotel policy says 'no children under 16'. Does that apply to private events?
You can bring as many children to your event as you would like! We just ask that they are carefully watched - there are lots of places for them to get hurt. You are not required to reserve hotel rooms to have your event at the hotel. However, if you buy out all the hotel guestrooms, children can stay overnight. We require that the parents sign a waiver saying they are responsible for supervising children at all times to prevent injury or damage to the antique pieces and historic hotel setting.

Virtual Tour

Take a Virtual Tour of Beaumont Hotel & Spa! Use your mouse to move around the hotel. Be sure to look up at the intricate wallpaper on the ceilings and to see the skylights. Zoom in to check out the details. You can tour the atrium, the Grand Ballroom, some of the Guestrooms and even the Spa! Just follow the arrows.
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What our guests are saying:
The owners have done a world-class job restoring this hotel and they continue to maintain it. The rooms are stunning and immaculate. It is like spending the night in a (really comfortable) museum...When we checked in they told us they just found out they were awarded a 2013 Conde Naste Gold award. Not surprising. AND it is just not that expensive for the awesome quality.
MDDive. Bethesda, Maryland