The Beaumont Hotel & Spa FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the hotel built? 1886

When did the hotel originally open? 1887

Who was the hotel named after? (Beaumont) It was not named after a person; it was named for the meaning of the word. In French, Beaumont translates to “Beautiful Mountain”.

What year did it close? 1967

Why was the hotel painted pink? It was painted pink in the 1950's as pink was very popular due to it being the First Lady's favorite color. It remained pink until the restoration began in 1998.

How long was the hotel closed? For 36 years, from 1967-2003

Why was the hotel closed for so long? The woman who owned it was in a dispute with the city and closing it was her solution to the problem.

Did the hotel always have a skylight? Yes, it was one of the first hotels with a skylight and it is restored to look exactly as it did originally.

Why are there interior windows? To allow light into the interior and to allow fresh air into the rooms. When the original skylight was opened, it created cross ventilation.

Is the vault original? Yes. It was originally used for guests to check in their valuables.

Was the hotel a bank? No but Ouray's first bank was located in the middle retail space in the front of the building.

Why is there a second set of stairs so close to the grand staircase? Those were the Un-Escorted Ladies stairs and entrance.

What are the gold things in the corners of the stairs? Dust catchers, to make cleaning easier for the maids back in the 1800's.

Where is the Grand Ballroom? It is on the second floor and is used for private events.

Do you have an elevator? Yes. It was added during the restoration

Is any of the furniture original? Yes, most of the lobby furniture is original and there is at least one piece of original furniture in each guest room.

Do the radiators still work? No, they are no longer in use but they are original.

Is the hotel a copy of the Brown Palace in Denver? No, the Brown Palace (1892) is a larger copy of the Beaumont (1886).

How long did it take to restore the hotel? 5 years

What year did the hotel re-open? 2003

How much did it cost to restore the hotel? $14-$24 million

Does the piano ever get played? No, it can't be played. (Read the sign on the piano top)

Is the hotel haunted? It is rumored to be.

What famous people have stayed here? Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, King Leopold II of Belgium, the actress Sarah Bernhart, Oprah, Jewel, Pam Grier, etc.

How many rooms do you have? 13

Do you have any rooms with double beds? Each room has either a king or queen sized bed.

Do you allow pets? No. We accept Service Animals. Only working service animals fall under protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We do not accept emotional support animals. We do not accept therapy animals.

Why don't you allow children? We do not allow children because there are too many places for them to get hurt and the building is not up to modern codes that protect children. It is also a quiet romantic getaway and all of our guests expect no children.

Do you have a fitness room/pool/laundry facilities? No

Do you do gift certificates? Yes! They make a great gift.

Virtual Tour

Take a Virtual Tour of Beaumont Hotel & Spa! Use your mouse to move around the hotel. Be sure to look up at the intricate wallpaper on the ceilings and to see the skylights. Zoom in to check out the details. You can tour the atrium, the Grand Ballroom, some of the Guestrooms and even the Spa! Just follow the arrows.
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What our guests are saying:
The owners have done a world-class job restoring this hotel and they continue to maintain it. The rooms are stunning and immaculate. It is like spending the night in a (really comfortable) museum...When we checked in they told us they just found out they were awarded a 2013 Conde Naste Gold award. Not surprising. AND it is just not that expensive for the awesome quality.
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