Steps to Add an Event Campaign

This is the process for adding a event.  An event will set into motion a campaign process with several steps. Please read the following steps below to get a feel for how this should work. 

Add the event to the calendar

• The first step is to add the event to the calendar. 
• This should have a date and time. 
• As many details about the event should be added to the text • portion so we can build a campaign with the proper facts. 
• A image can be uploaded but can also be left blank. 
• This will not be published to the public, it will go to the Xammis team to complete for launch, 

Add Detail For The Event 

Look for a email from Xammis within 24 hours after you submit the event. Someone from the Xammis team will reach out with questions and clarifications before we began the campaign. You can also set up tickets at this stage. 
Sell Tickets

Approve and Launch

You will be asked for a final approval of the event details. It is important that you double check the details at this time because all further marketing efforts will be spent on these details. 

If there is information that is unclear at the time, that is fine, just let us know it is TBA. 

It's a Wrap!

Check your email after the event for a wrap report.  Usually valuable social media pieces can be constructed form event or just plain ideas on improvement. 
• Upload images from the event 
• Respond to Wrap report
• If ticked event, cash out and balance reports. 
Upload Media


Add Event


Add Detail